In this guide, we will show you how to use Coupon Codes to avail awesome discounts at the Quantum Trading Shop. Using it is simple:

Step 1: Copy the Coupon Code

You can find some of our coupon codes in the following pages:

You can also get some coupon codes from one of our rarer special deals so always keep an eye in our websites! You might just catch one.

Step 2: Go to the Quantum Trading Shop

You can navigate to our shop by following this link:

Step 3: Add the products to your cart.

In order to use the Coupon Code, a product or a set of products is required to be added in the cart. Each Coupon Code comes with a description of which products should be added to the cart. When these required products are in the cart, the discount defined for that Coupon Code is then applied to your total cart price.

For example:

The Coupon Code qtmt4-csicm slashes $79 off your total cart price when the Currency Strength Indicator AND Currency Matrix are IN your cart. Otherwise, the coupon code cannot be applied.

Step 4: Enter the Coupon Code

When all the required products are in the cart, you can now proceed to enter the Coupon Code.

If you are in the Cart page you can enter the Coupon Code at the text box below the products list:

Cart page Coupon Code Field

If you are in the Checkout page you can enter the Coupon Code after you click the link that says “Click here to enter your code.” The Coupon Code text box will appear:

Checkout page Click here to enter your code

After entering the Coupon Code in the text box click the Apply Coupon button and your discount should now be applied to your cart total.

Step 5: Checkout

After successfully applying the Coupon Code to your cart total simply hit the Proceed to Checkout button at the bottom. You can now safely complete your purchase with the discount reflected in your billing details.

Cart with Coupon Code Applied

Other Notes

  • Please remember that discounts are only applied to outright purchases (not to products on Easy Payment Plan).
  • In most cases you can only apply one Coupon Code in every purchase.
  • Coupon Codes in the Special Deals page are available anytime and do not expire.