At Quantum Trading, we are passionate about three things.

The first is trading. The second is in developing trading indicators that forecast the future. And the third? Exceptional customer service.

Our approach to development is simple. Far to many indicators tell you what has already happened. Useless to you as a trader. You need to know what is going to happen next, and to position yourself accordingly. That’s why we call them the ‘next generation of trading indicators’, because that’s what they are! Take a look and see for yourself. Each one has a specific role, which then builds on then next, to provide a complete suite of trading tools.

The Quantum Currency Strength Indicator reveals the single most important piece of information to you as a forex trader. Whether a currency is strong or weak. As it approaches these regions, you are then ideally placed to take advantage. The indicator is forecasting the next price move, ahead of everyone else! Powerful and simple.

The Quantum Trends does a similar job. It tells you instantly when the trend is changing in real time, either from bullish to bearish or bearish to bullish. Or even more important, into consolidation.

The Quantum Dynamic Support & Resistance defines these levels dynamically, in the price region you are trading – the most important region on the chart!! Why no-one else has developed this approach is beyond us, but we are of course grateful. And we hope you will take advantage too. Again – the indicator is forecasting what is likely to happen in the future, not what has happened in the past!

The Quantum TrendMonitor is yet another. Using a simple color bar, it quite literally ‘paints the trend’ and tells you in advance, when a change is on the horizon.

The Quantum Dynamic Pivots and Dynamic Volatility are two more indicators, that once again provide powerful signals of where the market is heading next, not where it has been. And all of this is underpinned with our Quantum Tick Volume indicator, which when combined with the other powerful leading indicator of price, gives you the complete picture with volume price analysis.

Finally the dollar and yen index indictors offer yet further insights into the market behaviour for each and every currency pair, and we believe that Quantum Trading is the only company currently offering a Yen index on the MT4 platform.

A full suite of indicators – but don’t worry. You can buy one at a time. Try us out as a company – test our support and most importantly test an indicator or two. Only then, when you are completely happy, consider investing in another, or perhaps the complete suite.

We know our indicators work, because we use them ourselves – every single day in our own trading. They have been designed and developed by traders, for traders. We are constantly adding to the suite of trading indicators, and as a customer of Quantum Trading, you will receive very special discounts as these are released.